Thursday, 5 August, 2010

Anyone can express....

I got bored of doing nothing.Yeah it happens many a times.Could see so many things pending, loads of works on your head to complete. But you just don't feel like doing anything. Time goes flying.But then decided to read some book.When you have less time in hand, authors with lucid language make the task all the more easier for you.The book finishes fast and you are also happy at the end of it. No wonder filmy books like Two states', '5. Someone', are such a big hit. May be that I can relate more to new Indian authors, also their language is simpler , some phrases in Hindi makes it all the more enjoyable. Whereas in case of some 'phirang' writers , I have to fiddle with dictionary. I need to use it while reading a complicated book, when some of the words are a bouncer.True one should have a good vocab. But I feel it is fine to have sufficient enough to communicate with the other person.(unless you are giving CAT, TOFEL or any other :)

Now somehow I remember my early college days.There were many souls stressing their linguistic skills, giving me the inferiority complex..." vocab is so bad..!"etc. But now laughing at those moments I feel hardly does language matter as long as you can just communicate with the person you want to.In fact simple language is the most efficient one and hence becomes popular faster.Otherwise authors like Chetan bhagat etc wouln't have become popular with the same romantic filmy stories!
The point is one need not use eloquent words to create impression about his expertise. People get bored to read much anyways (in this fast life) and on top of that these 'hifi' words make it all the more a lullaby.Instead just create the feel that he wants to convey it to his audience. The fact remains 'Simply Expressed with Emotion' is highly accepted!

Saturday, 29 May, 2010

Time to get Tough

It is indeed a learning phase at every stage of life. Especially when there is change of place, then you get to learn all the more. Pursuing education or working in different cities ..all new set experiences. It comes your way with all new people, work culture, and the city environment. Yeah it’s a whole lot of adventure in itself. To fetch a new house, compatible roommates, all the necessary things that makes a house takes about a week’s time to get settled in a new house. Taking out time from office going to get the gas connection.. Bribing the watchman for a cylinder, so many things, have to do unethical against the wish. But this is how it is..... The society teaches you all that as you grow up.... If you own a vehicle..The traffic policeman is the 1st one to catch hold of you, seeing the different state number plate. You have all the documents but still you are charged for nuisance like lane cutting. A good new different state bakra for the ‘hawaldar’,. The scenario is the same in every state. So nothing to blame as a state in particular.

By the time you are settled in the house, its time to gel with your office colleagues. The politics happening there, all with sweet faces don’t know what they speak behind your back ...(lagta nahin hain kuch kaam bhi karta hain.....uska itna package...aur mein kaam karke bhi mera itna,......!!

Not a single soul happy with the pay they get. Not because they get less. But the comparison with others makes them all the more evil.

But yeah the offices parties, the weekends out,,,,,wid friends...Life gets exciting and lively, .Its like getting used to everyone and having a good rapport with the colleagues.

Its still not easy for girls mind it.. There are hardships all the more. People around are devils clothed as humans. A complete torture for the migrant females to deal with all this.

Hi, janu, hello..chikni... sung by these chutiyas”, at times they hit you ... and just doze off on bikes. It’s a complete harassment. How to bear all this?? They pass lewd comments disturbing all night’s sleep. Its just a play for these workless bastards.

But NO, its time to teach them a lesson. They are cowards,,,

As the saying goes....’Jo kutte bhonkte hain woh katate nahin’.They hardly have any guts to further .So time to get out of that protective shell and smartly tackle the situation.

Friday, 21 August, 2009

Exploring places ... exploring people...!!

Yeah after a long time, back to blogging...!For this sem, we had the project wherein we are supposed to do " User Research" Its like understanding the people in a region , do some ethnographic study and in turn get in demographic dataETC
The names are indeed very boring. but then in short its like going to different places and understanding the people there and their lifestyles!
Its a project of HP wherein we are expected to know more about the people their interaction with gadgets in their houses.
What all things make them buy things and what not?
It appears to be a short brief that way. But understood it better when went to meet people
[ actually still understanding]
In groups we were divided and were expected to cover all of India. Our group went to Gujarat and got dispersed., doing research in different parts.
To start with , I was in Baroda .1st started with people I know through references. The families actually so very new,. still felt so old. There was something that was making me feel connected. Similar lifestyle... where there was a kiddo in the house , I was able to relate it to my childhood. Then the uncle-aunty being so kind to offer a cup of bournvita and ask about my welbeing.
There was trust, there was interest, there was truth, in whatever they told.., in whatever they told about themselves and their daily routine. And I was noting the times when they use appliances and their comfort level with it.
I was feeling that it was not just their interaction that I was penning down. But in the process was interacting with their minds. How they think? How they decide?... their lifestyle? How much the society influence them? How prior associations and past experiences affect them? How a particular region create impact on their life ?. And most importantly as my friend Himanshu says... it was more of understanding the philosophy of a person. Though the term is very huge and misguiding[I feel] but still it is very simple.
The way a person takes decisions is in accordance with that person's philosophy.
and trust me its very fascinating to know the different philosophies of different people!!

Tuesday, 24 March, 2009

Am I in the present....? yes!

The students seated...There's commotion... the professor enters the class with a laptop in his hand.
Connecting it to the projector the slideshow begins....
To add to the visual element,,, theres sum decently audible commentry to emphasize each slide in detail.
This is how the class goes on for about two and half hours and ultimately the crux of the entire session is....
"Think Futuristic"!!
Be it any subject, any module, any seminar..this is what is been instilled in the minds.
Visualise and imagine things that will be there in future.....
Sounds interesting rite...?
Yes as a designer, quite an innovative task to create concepts for the future, without having any realistic constraints.
But actually speaking, am I really being futuristic..?? or am I just trying to exaggerate the present technology on some hypothetical base... just to be different..!
These are some of the questions that rise in my mind and then I couldn't stop laughing to see my proposed designs in animated form" talking to me...and saying..
"I am the future!"
Yes it is funny..
Mind wanders in the past, no matter how much you convince.
The prior associations that make me relate things to my past memories.!
And then I am expected to think about future...
In the entire process.. only one question that pops up asking me about my existence in the present....yes mentally!
This reminded me of a dialogue fron Rang de Basanti"., that I had enjoyed a hearty laugh..
One leg in the past and One leg in the future and shitting in the present!
Is this what I am doing...??
uh huh...NO !!

Monday, 24 November, 2008

Artist ban gaya Designer.....!

It started with canvas, brush and lots of colours in the palette.
The flow of thoughts put forth with every brush stokes creating a wonder.
Bringing out the emotions without a second thought
It was the freedom of expression..
The art to articulate the ideas..
And ideas standing alive in the form of landscapes, portraits or may be the unknown in the form of abstracts..
It was like giving some existence to the thought in the mind. And the pleasure felt for the portrayal of the art work thus created
With colours converging creating shapes combining into forms.
But gradually things changing..
The work now no longer for the self..
It’s the outcome of the thought thoughts mainly of others, apprehensive of their reactions
The secret lies in the convincing. The speaking skills which play a prominent role.
Truly indeed marketing the talent... directing the caliber for the selling sake.
Is that ‘the want for Money’, factor affecting the approach….
or the term designer” that is more fascinating
Yes but then somewhere the artist is getting lost…
…… the world of aspirations…
Though the reason is justified.
The artist is missing…
No need to regret the absence for he is now here with a new approach and all new look after a make over, a new identity called a D ziner…!!

Monday, 17 March, 2008

Reality shows......and the Reality...??!

Switch on any channel, and there must be some or the other reality show going on..may be singing or dancing or any other....
And yes its a good time pass to watch the contestants performance. Their talent graph level going up, alongwith their confidence growing day by day.
Sitting in the spectators chair also makes you learn so many things that even you start judging and commenting thereafter....
Definitely such shows have created a good platform for the upcoming artists.
All these things sound good at one point.
But at the same time , unecessarily small kids are pressurised, just for the sake of it.
Also their innocence adulterated with contaminated essence of adulthood hood ...prior for their age]
Most of the times expectations increased regarding their imitation".. not appreciating their originality..
I am not saying that this applies to every show.. But surely a majority of them.
And the most disgusting part being the elimination round..When they try to create suspenSe...
increasing the heart beats of the tender souls.
It is not a pleasing sight to see them crying after getting out of the show.
With many others dropping sophisticated tears [not spoiling their make up]
to create a melodramatic feel in the overall event .
Sympathy...." is it all what they want....???
So to speak..good doubts that they get...
That can be seen from the amount of votes that the blind viewers give..... [when most of the times..the winner is fixed...]
Well no comments on that...
Overall Reality shows"... good in a way... !!
[As compared to the family serials...wherin thers exaggerated potrayal..of the usual problems.]...!!

Friday, 14 December, 2007

Sophistication".......why everywhere...??

I am sure that everyone reading this blog must be aware of the increasing importance given to this,...
Wherever you go, people now-a-days prefer a so-called sophisticated lifestyle in the office, or anywhere , also at home. Like a measurement they scale out their deeds and behave accordingly...Sit properly, talk less, smile and not laugh, eat with calorie consciousness, dress upto date.. there a lot many things to tell..
With this I am not saying that a person can behave anyhow and anywhere without any etiquettes. But then not all the time. It has to be limited to certain formal places. It should be friendly with friends. There comes the real spark in relationship. The true pure ourselves....! that reveals we" who are actually so simple just hidden behind the masks of artificial formalities..[when not always required.]
The need to free ourselves from the shackles of discipline. Its good to do things we want and not just because people think its appropriate. For some time we should be just we" and live" the way we want" unadulterated with any superficial decorum [obviously as long as we don't harm others.]
From our busy schedules there should be time where we be amongst people with whom we can be ourselves and not just be so formal for the sake of it...
I do agree that at certain places , it is inevitable to behave well and with manners .But not that they are always necessary.
Certain things look well with expressions and not always words required to exhibit the sophistication...!