Thursday, 5 August, 2010

Anyone can express....

I got bored of doing nothing.Yeah it happens many a times.Could see so many things pending, loads of works on your head to complete. But you just don't feel like doing anything. Time goes flying.But then decided to read some book.When you have less time in hand, authors with lucid language make the task all the more easier for you.The book finishes fast and you are also happy at the end of it. No wonder filmy books like Two states', '5. Someone', are such a big hit. May be that I can relate more to new Indian authors, also their language is simpler , some phrases in Hindi makes it all the more enjoyable. Whereas in case of some 'phirang' writers , I have to fiddle with dictionary. I need to use it while reading a complicated book, when some of the words are a bouncer.True one should have a good vocab. But I feel it is fine to have sufficient enough to communicate with the other person.(unless you are giving CAT, TOFEL or any other :)

Now somehow I remember my early college days.There were many souls stressing their linguistic skills, giving me the inferiority complex..." vocab is so bad..!"etc. But now laughing at those moments I feel hardly does language matter as long as you can just communicate with the person you want to.In fact simple language is the most efficient one and hence becomes popular faster.Otherwise authors like Chetan bhagat etc wouln't have become popular with the same romantic filmy stories!
The point is one need not use eloquent words to create impression about his expertise. People get bored to read much anyways (in this fast life) and on top of that these 'hifi' words make it all the more a lullaby.Instead just create the feel that he wants to convey it to his audience. The fact remains 'Simply Expressed with Emotion' is highly accepted!

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